8 Great Reasons To Go Solar

8 Great Reasons To Go Solar

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

There's no denying the potential of harnessing energy from the sun and converting it into usable electricity from which we power our homes. It will change the world in more ways than most people realize. The only thing stifling its growth is our addiction to fossil fuels. Here are 8 really great reason you should consider installing solar panels for your home.


l Save Money On Electricity - Lots Of It

Saving money is awesome! Saving money on the necessities of modern life is even better! The savings generated by a solar power system installed on your home can accumulate to a very substantial amount over the life of the system. The net savings, or the savings generated minus the cost of the system, average around $25,000 - 30,000. There are plenty of free solar calculators out there on the web that will help you get an idea of how much you could save by going solar.



l Protect Yourself From Rising Energy Costs

Did you know that the average cost of electricity in the US has more than doubled since 2003. Going solar not only reduces your electricity bill each month, but it also insulates you from the inevitable rise of energy prices. The average annual increase across the US is about 4%.



l Help Curb Carbon Emissions

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” - Gandhi

While you yourself may not be able to prevent carbon emissions from accumulating in the environment, together we can have a major impact on the world. Solar energy production has more than doubled in the last 4 years. At the time of writing, more than 109,385,000 pounds of CO2 have been sequestered from the atmosphere, at the current rate of about 3 pounds per second. That number is expected to double to 6 pounds per second as solar installations continue to rise. It's great to know that you can do your part in such a massive operation, and it may not cost you a dime. Qualified homeowners can have a solar power system professionally installed for $0 down. See if your home qualifies here: www.solarhomedfw.com/proposal



l Stimulate The Economy

Solar energy is one of the fastest growing sectors of our economy. Everyone likes saving money, and doing things that are good for the environment, however, many people don’t realize that solar is good for the economy as well. By going solar, you are directly putting people to work - creating jobs. Way to go! You’re also escalating the level of effect that solar companies can have on the world. Think of it like a snowball effect - the more solar panel systems installed, the more opportunity these companies have to find new prospects, and convert them into satisfied customers.



l Federal Tax Incentives

The federal tax credit for solar homes is currently at 30%. That number is decreasing over the next two years and will totally rescinded after 2022, unless congress specifically extends the incentives. The tax credit schedule for the next couple of years looks like this: 2020 - 26%, 2021 - 24%, 2022 - 22%, 2023 - 0%. Now is the time to go solar if you’re at all interested in taking advantage of the federal tax credit.



l Protection From Power Outages

This section only applies to solar homes equipped with an energy storage solution, otherwise known as a "battery." These homes have the option of switching to battery power operation during storms, or at any other time when the grid goes down. Never again do you have to wonder when the lights will come back on, or if you'll need to tread through a dangerous storm to fill your coolers with ice so that your food doesn’t go bad. While it may not be feasible to go completely off-the-grid for most people, you can at least have the option of moving to a self-sustaining system while the rest of the grid is offline.



l Protect Your Roof

While solar panels aren’t cheap, neither is your roof. The array of tempered glass covered, money-saving, carbon emission-reducing, economy-stimulating, tax-incentivized photo-voltaic panels that convert sunlight into usable energy for your home also do a great job of protecting your roof as well. Solar panels aren’t indestructible, but they're very tough, and built to withstand the elements - even more so than your roof.  



l Increase Your Property Value

The installation of solar panels on your home will increase its resale value by 5-10% on average. A study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that solar panels boost a home’s resale value by approximately $5,900 per kilowatt. That means that an average 11-kilowatt system would increase your property value by a whopping $64,000!



It's overwhelmingly clear, solar energy is here - and there's never been a better time to go solar. Whether you're unsure of where to start, considering DIY versus professional installation, or looking for a turn-key solution, remember to take your time and take advantage of all of the resources at your disposal. At Solar Home DFW, our goal is to answer any questions that you may have, and assist you through the process in every way that we can. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this article, we hope it's been helpful. Have a blessed day!